VoiceThread is a fantastic presentation program similar to PowerPoint, Prezi and GoogleDocs. It is an online sharing space for any information of your choice. It allows you to upload and present information to an audience and put that presentation online. The innovation behind Voicethread is that it allows you to comment on anyone’s presentations providing your own annotations and even video and audio responses.

Below is the link to a great step by step review of VoiceThread provided by the wonderful people at ItBabble!



One thought on “VoiceThread

  1. I think this online tool would be great to incorporate within your digital portfolio. Not only would it be innovative, it would also highlight your abilities to use such tools within your classroom. This would also be great for teachers who private provide, such as VCE Dance or VET Dance, as many times they only see their students once a week. This would allow the teachers to post “lectures” online for students to view and discuss. Thank-you for sharing this.

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