Whilst trying to figure out what use my PBworks wiki for for assignment 2, I stumbled across Glogster! I spent about an hour playing around with because it is so much fun! I had no hiccups or trouble with what I wanted to do. It is so well made that almost anyone would find it a breeze to navigate. For those who are unfamiliar with Glogster, it is a platform for creating interactive posters! You can add your own text, images, graphics, video, music and links. It is a great tool for jazzing up your classroom blogs or wikis! Below is the link to the ‘glog’ I created for my wiki which has links embedded which will direct you to it! Enjoy! :)

Go Animoto!

Thanks to Jessica’s great post on Animoto, I have been exploring it’s many features. It is a fantastic tool for creating really great and interesting slideshows. I love that you can add your own music hassle free to jazz up an otherwise boring slideshow. This is a great resource for classrooms as children could use it for their projects and classroom activities. It allows them to create something that is their own without spending hours in front of a screen. Here is a very short slideshow of some holiday snaps I took earlier this year which only took me 5 minutes!

Create your own video slideshow at

A Digital Story

This week, Jack Stevens and myself have created a digital book, where we have recorded us reading a picture book from the library and scanned the images in. To record the audio, we used GarageBand and to put the audio and images together we used iMovie. I had the role of the narrator and Jack did an excellent job of the different voices of the many, many characters!

Unfortunately, the images we scanned were in black and white, which we only realised once we had returned to book to the library.

Hope you enjoy it!


Podcasts and your classroom

Podcasting in 5 easy steps from José Picardo on Vimeo.

As shown in the video above, Podcasting can be a very simple way of effectively delivering content to students and showcasing their individual work. You can set your students up with the knowledge of basic Podcasting to make any task more exciting and engaging.

Students can also subscribe to your Podcasts, or those of their peers, so that whenever a new one is uploaded it is automatically sent straight to them! This is a great way to introduce them to collecting resources as they will have a whole library of handy resources right in front of their eyes!

I hope you enjoyed the video once again provided by Jose Picardo, and I look forward to creating my very own Podcast!


VoiceThread is a fantastic presentation program similar to PowerPoint, Prezi and GoogleDocs. It is an online sharing space for any information of your choice. It allows you to upload and present information to an audience and put that presentation online. The innovation behind Voicethread is that it allows you to comment on anyone’s presentations providing your own annotations and even video and audio responses.

Below is the link to a great step by step review of VoiceThread provided by the wonderful people at ItBabble!


Diigo on the go!

For all who have iPhones, there is a FREE Diigo app for the iPhone called ‘Diigo Offline Reader’ which allows you to access your bookmarked links on your phone AND if you’re really serious it gives you the option to install Diigo to your Safari browser on your phone so you can Diigo on the go!


Toondoo is a fantastic program you can use with children in upper primary. You can easily create creative and fun cartoons by dragging and dropping different characters, backgrounds, props and text into your comic strip! I definitely recommend this website for making a somewhat boring or mundane task that little bit more exciting! I have attached a comic I made whilst playing around. Enjoy!